Violet is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. She is from the Disney*Pixar movie, The Incredibles.To unlock this character, you need 10 Violet chips.

Description Edit

Violet Parr uses her invisibility and force fields to control enemies on the battlefield.

Skills Edit

Icon Name Rarity Damage Type Description
Secure Squad White N/A Violet jumps out of danger and shields her entire team, protecting them from 200k + 1sp damage for the next 7 seconds.
Invisibility Green N/A Before Violet is about to take damage, she becomes invisible for 10 seconds. While invisible, Violet is untargetable. Violet can only become invisible once every 25 seconds.When damaged by enemies higher than level <level>, there is a chance Violet is unable to turn invisible. Also, this skill will not trigger when Violet has a shield.
Shield Roll Blue Fantastic Damage Violet bowls into her enemies with her force field. Enemies hit take 50k + 0.5sp damage and are knocked back.
Force Field Purple N/A Violet shields her weakest ally, protecting them from 300k + 1.5sp damage for the next 7 seconds.
Unseen Advantages Red N/A When Violet or an ally becomes invisible, Violet gains 279697 skill power. Violet retains 50% of the skill power from this buff each wave.While invisible, the cooldown for "Force Field" is reduced by 80%.

Badges Edit

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