Ursula is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. She is from the Disney movie The Little Mermaid. To unlock her, you need 30 Ursula Chips.


Only the most desperate merfolk in Atlantica go to Ursula the Sea-Witch for aid. She uses her powerful magic to control enemies on the battlefield.


True to her description, Ursula primarily uses magic attacks to keep enemies under control. Her skills are centered around preventing enemies from gaining energy, making her very useful for preventing Heroes on the enemy team from using their White skills which could normally cause problems for you. Additionally, certain high-tier Creeps such as Thieves can also be stopped from using some of their more troubling abilities. Ursula's most proactive skill in this regard is her White skill, which deals damage and Hexes all enemies in the battle. Hex is a crippling status effect that stuns the affected target if they try to use an active skill leaving them vulnerable to your Heroes. Ursula can also drain energy with her Green skill; with this skill, she drains energy from whichever enemy has the most energy. Her Purple skill also serves to deprive enemies of energy; it prevents enemies from gaining any energy at all if they KO Ursula's allies. However, Ursula does have one skill that focuses on dealing damage rather than interfering with energy gaining; her Blue skill has her whip enemies with a tentacle, not only damaging all nearby enemies but also knocking back the closest enemy.

Both of the Memory Disks Ursula can obtain serve to give her the ability to give energy to herself or her allies, but only under specific circumstances. The Signing Bonus Memory Disk acquired from Hades makes it so that Ursula's Purple skill takes some of the energy that an enemy would have gotten from KO'ing one of Ursula's allies, and redistributes that energy to the rest of Ursula's allies. Meanwhile, the Crab Mentality Memory Disk received from Tia Dalma lets Ursula start the battle with more energy if there are other Control Heroes on her team.


Icon Name Rarity Damage Type Description
Poor, Unfortunate Souls White Fantastic Damage Ursula applies “Hexed” to all enemies for 5 seconds and deals them damage. If enemies attempt to use their active skill while under the effect of “Hexed,” they will be stunned for 4 seconds.

Enemies affected by "Hexed" will still consume their energy if they attempt to use their active skill.

On the Hook Green N/A Ursula uses her magic shell to drain energy from the enemy with the most energy.
Ruler of All the Ocean Blue Fantastic Damage Ursula whips nearby enemies with her tentacle, dealing them damage and knocking back the closest enemy.
Something for Nothing Purple N/A Enemies receive 0 energy for KO’ing one of Ursula’s teammates
A Trifle Toll Red N/A Whenever a Hexed enemy receives a buff, the duration of the Hex is increased by 4 seconds.

Whenever an enemy loses energy other than by using their White skill, Ursula gains skill power for the rest of the wave. Ursula retains 50% of the skill power from this buff in the next wave.

Additional Stat Boosts:

  • Extra Skill Power
  • Extra Reality
  • More damage to "Poor, Unfortunate Souls"


Friendship Friend Campaign Memory Disk Disk Effects
Hades Signing Bonus

"Something for Nothing" Gives Allies Energy

  • More Skill Power
  • Some of the energy blocked by "Something for Nothing" is distributed to Ursula's allies
Tia Dalma Crab Mentality

Starting Energy Per Control Ally

  • More Skill Power
  • Extra energy on the first wave of combat for every "Control" ally


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