Ursula is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. She is from the Disney's movie The Little Mermaid. To unlock her, you need 30 Ursula Chips.

Description Edit

Only the most desperate merfolk in Atlantica go to Ursula the Sea-Witch for aid. She uses her powerful magic to control enemies on the battlefield.

In-game Edit

Abilities Edit

Poor, Unfortunate Souls:

  • Ursula applies “Hexed” to all enemies and deals them Damage. If enemies attempt to use their active skill while under the effect of “Hexed,” they will be stunned.

On the Hook:

  • Ursula uses her magic shell to drain energy from the enemy with the most energy.

Ruler of the Ocean:

  • Ursula whips nearby enemies with her tentacle, dealing them damage and knocking back the closest enemy.

Something for Nothing:

  • Enemies receive 0 energy for KO’ing one of Ursula’s teammates

Friend Disks Edit

Ursula has two friends: Hades and Tia Dalma.


Friendship is unlocked when Ursula and Hades are both Level 94.

Tia Dalma:

Friendship is unlocked when Ursula and Tia Dalma are both Level 95.

Badges Edit