True Damage is one of the three types of damage in the game, with the others being Fantastic damage and Normal damage. True damage acts as a more powerful hybrid between the other two damage types, as it completely ignores all defense stats (i.e. Armor, Reality, and damage type immunities). Thus, True damage is the most dangerous damage type in the game and is much rarer to see than Normal or Fantastic damage.


There are a few heroes in the game that have at least one True damage ability. They are as follows:


Maui's "Shark Bite" allows him to assume his Shark Head form and bite enemies within melee range, dealing True damage. However, he can only use this skill when the enemies with range have lost enough health to guarantee a one-hit KO from "Shark Bite".

The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts' "Off with Their Head!" lets her deal True damage and instantly KO enemies with her basic attack if their health is low. When she received a refresh on both her white and blue skills, instead she summons her playing cards every 4 times she perform her basic attack, and will automatically KO them if they are below a percentage of their HP, even if they are Berserk or Invicible.


Stitch's blue skill, "626 shuffle", has Stitch tussling with an enemy, temporarily stunning them. He will hit the opponent 4 times, stealing HP with each hit.

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