Team Builds are strategic formations of specific Heroes that are designed to guarantee a higher rate of success in battle. As you get further in the game, utilizing team builds for strategic play heavily overtakes sheer strength in terms of necessity, so it's important to become familiar with team builds consisting of Heroes that work well with each other during combat. This page details some good team builds that can be used for a greater chance of success. (Feel free to add more good builds here!)

The Scare Squad Edit

This build consists of Heroes that can Scare enemies, such as Mike Wazowski, Sulley & Boo, and Emperor Zurg, among several others. The majority of these Heroes are also good at dealing Fantastic Damage, so using an entire team of them can allow you to rack up lots of damage against enemies as the Scare Squad will constantly keep them Scared.

The Freeze Team Edit

This build consists of Heroes that Freeze enemies - this includes Frozone, Elsa, and Olaf. Between these three, enemies will constantly be Frozen and thus prevented from attacking. This build works especially well when the aforementioned Freezing Heroes are accompanied by other Control Heroes or high-damage Heroes.

The Support TeamEdit

This build typically includes Support Heroes of the healing and shielding varieties. This build works best with Heroes like Violet and Baymax, who can shield the entire team. Healers like Yax and Genie are also ideal as they can heal the team and debuff enemies (although Genie might need to be paired with another healer since he can't heal himself).

The Mixed Role Team Edit

This build consist of a mixture of all four team roles, ideally using one Tank Hero, two Damage Heroes, one Support Hero, and one Control Hero. This build works best if you choose a Tank Hero that buffs the team (like Maui or Baymax), a Damage Hero that debuffs enemies (like Nick Wilde), and a Damage Hero that either does splash damage (like Vanellope) or does heavy concentrated damage (like Elastigirl or Emperor Zurg). If you have the right Heroes, you might actually be able to get away with using this build without any Control Heroes, but having one on your team can improve your chances of winning, especially if you use a Control Hero like Tia Dalma which can apply debuffs to multiple enemies in a short amount of time.

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