Sulley & Boo are characters in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. They are from the Disney Pixar movie, Monsters, Inc. To unlock these characters, you need 30 Sulley & Boo chips.

Description Edit

James P. Sullivan is the top monster at Monsters, Inc. Boo is a little girl in a monster disguise. Together, they terrify their foes on the battlefield!

Skills Edit

Icon Name Rarity Damage Type Description Amount
Scaring is caring
Scaring is Caring White Fantastic Damage Sulley roars, dealing damage to all enemies and Scaring them for 10 seconds. Attacks that do Fantastic damage always crit against Scared enemies.
Healing laughter
Healing Laughter Green Support Boo laughs, healing Sulley. This skill also triggers at the end of every stage, in addition to during combat.
Toy tantrum
Toy Tantrum Blue Fantastic Damage Boo throws toys at the three closest enemies. Each toy does damage.
Scream power
Scream Power Purple Sulley gains Skill Power every time an enemy is Scared by anyone. This lasts until the end of the Wave. +219

Friendships Edit

Sulley & Boo have two friends: Woody and Ralph


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