Simba & Nala are characters in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. They're from the Disney movie, The Lion King. To unlock these characters, you need Simba & Nala Chips.


Simba and Nala team up against enemies by causing mischief and mayhem.

 Skills Edit

Icon Skill Rarity Damage Type Desciption
Tussling Twosome White Fantastic Damage Simba and Nala get into a tussle, bouncing between enemies and damaging them for  damage with each bounce. Simba & Nala damage enemies 5 times.
Making Faces Green Fantastic Damage Simba and Nala taunt enemies by making faces at them, damaging them for  damage as well as removing  armor and reducing their attack speed by 25% for 8 seconds.
Ado-roar-able Blue N/A Simba's attempt at a roar accidentally charms the farthest enemy for 8 seconds. While charmed, the target gains  basic damage.
Savanna Shuffle Purple N/A During each basic attack, Nala's swipe removes  armor from each enemy hit for 12 seconds, while Simba's roar heals himself and Nala for  HP.
Double Trouble Pink N/A Simba and Nala's basic attack also heals  HP for nearby allies.

 Friendships Edit

Icon Friendship Hero Level Friendship Campaign MIssions Memory Disk Disk EffectS
Miguel Rivera
Miguel Rivera 135 Cut-Out Cubs Simba & Nala deal  more damage to enemies with an armor debuff
Huey, Dewey, and Louie 142 Tin Toy Robot Simba and Nala prefer to target Control role enemies with "Tussling Twosome"; "Tussling Twosome" silences enemies hit for  seconds
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