Scar is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. He is from the Disney's movie The Lion King. To unlock him, you need 80 Scar Chips.

Description Edit

A machiavellian schemer and deadly predator, Scar uses his prowling skills to take advantage of enemies.

In-game Edit

Abilities Edit

Long Live the King:

  • Scar roars, damaging enemies and silencing them.

A Matter of Pride:

  • Scar snaps at the closest enemy, dealing damage. This does more damage the more HP the enemy is missing.

Be Prepared:

  • Scar begins combat prowling, becoming invisible for the first seconds of combat and receiving less damage from all sources while prowling. While prowling, Scar is untargetable.

The Lion's Share:

  • Scar gains damage dealt back as healing.

Friend Disks Edit

Scar has one friend: Maleficent.


Friendship is unlocked when Scar and Maleficent are both Level 93.

Badges Edit

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