Scar is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. He is the main antagonist from the Disney Movie The Lion King. Scar can be unlocked by collecting 80 Scar Chips.


A machiavellian schemer and deadly predator, Scar uses his prowling skills to take advantage of enemies.


Icon Name Rarity Skill Type Description
Long live the king.png
Long Live the King White Damage Scar roars, damaging enemies and silencing them.
A matter of prid.png
A Matter of Pride Green Damage Scar snaps at the closest enemy, dealing damage. This does more damage the more HP the enemy is missing.
Be prepared.png
Be Prepared Blue Tank Scar begins combat prowling, becoming invisible for the first seconds of combat and receiving less damage from all sources while prowling. While prowling, Scar is untargetable.
The lion's share.png
The Lion's Share Purple Tank Scar gains damage dealt back as healing.
On the Prowl Red Damage When Scar deals a percent or more of an enemy’s Max HP as damage, they are stunned.

While Scar is prowling, he deals more damage to silenced enemies.


Scar has two friends: Maleficent and Queen of Hearts


Icon Friendship Hero Level Friend Campaign Missions Memory Disk Disk Effects

I wish I had Maleficent



Power 20000987

A Thorn By Any Other Name

Invisibility at Low Health

  • +72010000087!
  • 10827777
  • Basic Damage
  • Scar activates "Be Prepared" and Prowls one additional time per wave when he reaches 25% of his max HP. ; This Prowl lasts 10.5 seconds.
Queen of hearts.png
Queen of Hearts 94 Hedge-emony

Attack Speed on Ally KO

  • +3601 Basic Damage
  • Scar gains 50% attack speed for the rest of the wave whenever an ally is KO'd.


  • Scar was the last naturally 3-stars hero ever added to the game. After this, subsequent heroes always start with either 1-star or 2-stars.


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