Sally is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. She is a protagonist in Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. To unlock this character, you need 30 Sally chips.


A diligent apothecary and cautious, caring friend. Sally's ready to lend her friends a hand... sometimes literally.


For a hero whose primary role is Tank, Sally excels in inflicting negative statuses on enemies - particularly Poison (aka Health Drain). Nearly all her skills allow her to Poison enemies, making her a devastating force against weaker enemies and a good counter to enemy healers, especially when she's fighting alongside any hero that can Curse enemies so their healing abilities are crippled. Furthermore, equipping Sally with the Trouble Brewing Memory Disk obtained from Tia Dalma augments Sally's power as it makes any Poison she inflicts on enemies become permanent, and also allows Sally to Poison enemies more often. Or, for a more defensive play, Sally can be equipped with the Corpse Flower Memory Disk obtained from Yax so she provides Tank heroes on her team with extra Reality, granting them more protection against enemies that deal Fantastic Damage.


Icon Name Rarity Damage Type Description
Deadly Nightshade White Fantastic Damage Passive: Sally’s basic attacks apply a stack of Poison. Each stack of Poison deals damage over time before it is removed.

Active: Sally consumes all stacks of Poison, dealing additional damage per stack of Poison to Poisoned enemies.

Frog's Breath Green Fantastic Damage Sally throws a flask at the furthest enemy, dealing damage and applying stacks of Poison to all enemies in the area.
Something in the Wind Blue N/A When Sally reaches 0 HP, she releases a toxic cloud and revives. The toxic cloud remains in battle for a time, applying a stack of Poison every few seconds to every enemy within range.
Sally 4.png
Stronger Than She Seams Purple N/A Sally gains extra Max HP.
Fog Juice Red Fantastic Damage Once every 8 seconds, if Sally would take more than 10% of her max HP in a single hit, she reduces the incoming damage by 80% and releases a toxic cloud that travels across the screen. This cloud deals damage per second to enemies within the cloud and applies 1 stack of Poison once every 2 seconds.


Friend Friend Campaign Memory Disk Disk Effects
Yax "Home Spun" Corpse Flower

Tanks Get Reality

  • Extra Reality to all allies
  • Tank heroes on team gain an extra percentage of Reality
Tia Dalma "Sweet Dreams" Trouble Brewing

Poison is Permanent

  • When activated, Deadly Nightshade deals bonus damage per stack of Poison
  • Poison stacks do not expire and can be stacked without limit
  • Sally applies 2 stacks of Poison every 5 basic attacks


Icon Name Craftable?
SugarRush.png Sugar Rush No

Icon Name Craftable?



  • When Sally was first released, the icons for her Blue and Purple skills were switched up.

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