Rex is one of the newest heroes to be added to Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. He is in the Disney Pixar universe, being a supporting character in the Toy Story series. To unlock this character, you need 80 Rex Chips.


This anxiety ridden T-Rex toy slaps enemies and runs through the battlefield when he gets overwhelmed.


Rex's strength is mainly to keep enemies away, while still dealing damage (Especially to shielded enemies) - his kit focuses on knocking enemies backwards. He pairs up well with heroes that deal AoE damage, and heroes that slows enemies down. Heroes that could fulfill those criteria would be Eve (Deals damage to the closest disabled enemy, and damages nearby enemies as well, also deals more damage to disabled enemies); Finnick (Helps knocking back enemies, has an AoE attack and slows enemies down with his "Sticky Situation"); Vanellope (Teleports into the middle of her enemies, dealing damage to all enemies near her, in addition to her "Sharing is Caring" which adds splash damage to all her basic attacks); Judy (Knocks back a single enemy and slowing him/her, inspiring her team to attack and move faster); Mr. Incredible (Knocks back, deals damage to several enemies if he's close to them); Tia Dalma (Helps silencing to increase the damage of some of the previous mentioned heroes, helps knocking back enemies) and Calhoun (Deals damage to all heroes with her special, as well as being able to damage the enemy backline with her grenade).


Icon Name Rarity Skill Type Description
Stampede White Normal Damage Rex Charges through enemies dealing 590
Mighty Roar Green Fantastic Damage Rex roars, dealing 193 and silencing enemies for 6.0 seconds. The silence has a chance to fail against enemies higher than level 1
Dino Might Blue Fantastic Damage Rex headbutts nearby enemies, dealing 1275 damage and knocking them backwards.
Shield-Eating Dinosaur Purple N/A Rex deals extra X damage to enemies with shields.
Terrifying T-Rex Red N/A Rex gains Crit Damage per buff he has. Timed buffs on Rex also don’t expire as long as he has at least 1 non-KO’d ally.

The first time each wave when Rex would be KO’d, he instead cleanses all debuffs from himself, activates “Stampede,” and heals.

Friend Disks

Rex has two friends: Woody and Mike.

Woody: By default, this disk increases Rex's attack speed by 5%, and his allies deals extra damage to shielded enemies.

Mike: By default, this disk increases Rex's max HP per ally who is a DPS. It also grants him 1.5% damage reduction per ally who is a DPS.



  • Rex is one of the few characters that has an unlockable costume that can be otained by a Cosmetic Crate. It contains his outfit from the Partysaurus Rex short.
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