Rapunzel is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. She is from the Disney movie Tangled. To unlock her, you need 10 Rapunzel Chips.

Description Edit

Armed with her trusty frying pan and magical healing hair, Rapunzel stuns enemies and heals allies on the battlefield.

Strategy Edit

Although Rapunzel is a Support unit, she does have one skill that is more of a Control skill - that being Frying Pan Pummel, which allows her to pull in an enemy and then deal heavy damage, stun the enemy, and knock the enemy back. Aside from this skill, Rapunzel is primarily a healer and a self-buffer. Her Green Skill heals allies and gives them extra Reality for a short while, and her Blue Skill lets her buff her energy gain and skill power (and also apply Hardy to herself once her Purple Skill is unlocked) at the start of each wave. Rapunzel's Red Skill makes her able to also cleanse debuffs from allies when using her Green Skill. With all of these abilities, Rapunzel is a very potent healer and should be paired with front-line Tanks to ensure her longevity in battle.

Skills Edit

Icon Name Rarity Damage Type Description
Frying Pan Pummel White Fantastic Damage Rapunzel lassos the furthest enemy with her hair, pulling them towards her. She then hits them with her frying pan, dealing Fantastic Damage, stunning them for 9 seconds, and knocking them back.

The knocked-back enemy knocks back each enemy they pass through.

Healing Hair Green N/A Rapunzel heals allies and grants them extra Reality for 10 seconds.
Sun's Gift Blue N/A At the start of each wave, Rapunzel enters the battlefield with the sun shining on her, granting her 400 energy and extra skill power for 12 seconds.
Saved by a Hair Purple N/A Sun's Gift also grants Rapunzel 6 stacks of Hardy. Each stack of Hardy blocks a debuff from being applied to Rapunzel and is then removed.

This skill has a chance to fail if Rapunzel's level is too high.

Golden Glow Red N/A Healing Hair also cleanses all debuffs from allies.

Sun's Gift also gives 1 stack of Hardy, extra skill power, and 100 energy to the frontmost ally.

Additional Stat Boosts:

  • Extra Skill Power
  • Extra Reality
  • Extra HP healed from Healing Hair
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