Wreck-It-Ralph is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode from the Disney's movie, Wreck-It-Ralph and it sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Description Edit

A big-fisted "bad guy" with an even bigger heart, Ralph wreaks havoc on the real baddies.

Animation Edit

Upon entering the field he enact his usual "I'M GONNA WRECK IT!" stance.

In Victory, he smiles while fireworks explode around him, while holding his arms out.

In Defeat, his eyes become worried and he falls back.

Strategy Edit

Being one of the first heroes to be unlocked when you start the game, many might see him as one of the worst tanks. That's not technically true, as he's great at keeping crowd control. He is able to slow down enemies by silencing and stunning with his abilities, to make sure that your team gets the upper hand. His best teammates would be another tank (I.e. Felix) to keep Ralph alive, EVE as she deals bonus damage against disabled enemies (Ralph's abilities focuses on CC), Wall-E as he grants bonus energy, making it possible for Ralph to get CC as quickly as possible, Judy as she inspires her team, Violet as she can protect him, and Woody as his special gives his allies 100% attack speed.

Skills Edit

Icon Name Rarity Damage Type Description Effect
Wreck It White Normal Ralph deals some damage to enemies near him and stuns them for 3 seconds. Stun Effect failed on high-level enemies
Shouting Match Green Fantastic Ralph deals low damage to all enemies and silences them for 2 seconds. Silent Effect failed on high-level enemies 
Grand Slam Blue Normal Ralph deals great damage to a single enemy and stuns them for 7 seconds. Stun Effect failed on high-level enemies 
Big Duty Purple Defensive If Ralph falls below 30% HP once per wave, he regenerates great amounts of HP over 10 seconds. N/A
Heavy Handed Red Passive Using "Big Duty" cleansed all debuffs, gain 3 Hardy disables lasts 100% longer and attack speed increased by 35% for 8 seconds.

Furthermore, it can be activated 3 times per wave but the healing effect reduced by 20% per use.

Cleanse and Disable duration failed on high-level enemies 

Friendships Edit

Main Friendship Edit

Icon Friendship Hero Level Campaign Memory Disk Disk Effects
Ralph & Vanellope Vanellope Level 20 Bully For You Piece of Cake Boost Stuns

By default, this disk increases Ralph's skill power, as well as increasing his stun length by 5%.

Jack Sparrow Level 56 Go for the Gold Hero's Duty Heals on Stuns

By default, this disk heals Ralph for some HP every time an enemy is stunned. It also increases his improved healing by 5%.

Support Friend Edit

Icon Friendship Hero Level Campaign Memory Disk Disk Effect
Violet & Ralph Violet Level 37 Feeling Invisible Wrecking Ball Shields Stun Enemies

By default, this disk increases Violet's skill power, as well as additional stun status for every expired shields for 0.8 seconds.

Felix Level 41 Fit It, Felix! Rapid Fire Fixin' Boosts Healing

By default, this disk makes Felix increases his Maximum Health as well as,his attack speed by 4%.for each 10% missing Health.

Sulley & Boo Level 59 Wrecking Buddies Wreck and Repair Counters Disables with Healing

By default, this disk makes Sulley have 20% to avoid stuns, healing him in process.



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