Rafiki is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. He is from the Disney Movie The Lion King. Rafiki can be unlocked by collecting 30 Rafiki Chips.

Description Edit

Rafiki wields his stick to knock sense into enemies and allies alike.

Skills Edit

Icon Name Rarity Skill Type Description
Healing breath
Healing Breath White Support Passive: Instead of a standard basic attack, Rafiki shakes his staff, healing himself.

Active: Rafiki meditates, healing per second and reducing damage received. Rafiki cannot be disabled during this skill.

Martial mandrill
Martial Mandrill Green Damage Rafiki strikes the closest enemy with his staff, dealing damage and stunning them.
The past hurts
The Past Hurts Blue Support Rafiki whacks the ally with the highest basic damage with his staff to inspire them, granting them a basic damage buff and armor.
Asante sana squash banana
Asante Sana Squash Banana Purple Damage Every few basic attacks, Rafiki damages and blinds the nearest enemy.

Friends Edit

Rafiki has two friends: Jack-Jack and Merlin

Friendships Edit

Icon Friendship Hero Level Friend Campaign Missions Memory Disk Disk Effects
Jack Jack
Jack-Jack 99 Baboon Biscuit
"Healing Breath" Heals Allies
  • "Healing Breath" also heals allies for 50% of what it heals Rafiki for
  • +16203 Armor to allies
  • +16203 Max HP to allies
Disney Heroes Battle Mode Merlin
Merlin Natural Magic
Longer Stuns and Blinds
  • "Martial Mandrill" deals 40508 more damage
  • +150% Disable Length
Disney heroes battle mode mad hatter
Mad Hatter Strong Brew
Better Charms
  • +9002 Skill Power
  • Charmed enemies attack and movement speed are increased by 200%; Charmed enemies do not gain energy while charmed
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