The Queen of Hearts is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. She is the main antagonist of the Disney movie Alice in Wonderland. Queen of Hearts can be unlocked by collecting 10 Queen of Hearts chips.

Description Edit

The Queen of Hearts reigns over her enemies with her army of cards and red hot temper.

Skills Edit

Icon Name Rarity Damage Type Description
Off with their head!
Majesty's Orders White N/A The Queen of Hearts increases allies' attack speed by 50% for 6 seconds and applies 1 stack of Fatigue to all enemies.
Temper, temper
Temper, Temper Green N/A Once per wave, when the Queen of Hearts falls below 50% of her Max HP, she gains extra armor and 100% attack speed for the rest of the wave.
Off With Their Head! Blue True Damage Every 4 basic attacks, the Queen of Hearts' Playing Cards march the frontmost enemy to the back of the battlefield, stunning them for 6 seconds.

If the enemy is below 20% of their Max HP, they are instantly KO'd instead, even if they are Berserk or Invincible.

Royal highness
Royal Highness Purple N/A The Queen of Hearts is immune to all attack and movement speed slows.

The Queen of Hearts and her allies have a 52% chance to resist Charms and instead be healed for 20% of their Max HP.

My Way
My Way Red N/A The Queen of Hearts and her allies heal HP each time they basic attack.

Enemies Stunned by "Off With Their Head!" also have their movement speed reduced by 75% and their armor reduced for 8 seconds.

Additional Stat Boosts:

  • More Basic Damage
  • More Max HP

Friendships Edit

The Queen of Hearts has two friends: Rex and Alice.

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to the 2.1.10 update, the Queen of Hearts' White skill was named Shuffle, and it originally had the function of summoning the Queen's playing card soldiers to have them swap the two enemies furthest apart from each other and Stun them.
    • This function was reworked to be part of the Queen's Blue skill, Off With Their Head!, which now lets her summon the playing cards every 4 basic attacks, though they now only affect one enemy.
    • Interestingly, these two skills had their skill icons swapped after the 2.1.10 update.
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