Peter Pan is a playable damage character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. He is from Disney's 1953 animated film Peter Pan. He was added to the game in Patch 1.11.4 in July 2019 and requires 10 Peter Pan chips to unlock.


The boy who never grew up takes pride in his sword skills. Peter Pan duels his enemies and crows out his victories.


Icon Skill Rarity Damage Type Description
Air Parry
Air Parry White Fantastic Damage Peter Pan flies to the farthest enemy and begins to duel them, damaging them for X with each strike and dodging all attacks for 7 seconds.
Blinding Light
Blinding Light Green Fantastic Damage Tinker Bell swoops down and swirls around an enemy, damaging them for X damage and blinding them for 8 seconds. This skill can activate even if Peter is frozen, stunned, or silenced.
Neverland Rally
Neverland Rally Blue Peter Pan crows at enemies, healing himself for X HP and increasing his basic damage by X for 10 seconds.
Fairy Dance
Fairy Dance Purple After "Blinding Light" activates, Tinker Bell steals an active common buffy from an enemy, if possible, and gives it to Peter Pan. Peter also has a 50% chance to dodge basic attacks and skills from enemies level X and below.


Icon Friendship Hero Level Friendship Campaign Missions Memory Disk Disk Effect
Disney heroes battle mode Robin Hood
Robin Hood 130 Swashbucklers
Disney heroes battle mode alice-0
Alice 126 You Can Lye
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