Nick Wilde is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. He is the deuteragonist from the Disney Movie Zootopia, and made a cameo in Big Hero 6 and Ralph Breaks the Internet. He paired up with Officer Hopps to help her in her investigation. Nick Wilde can be unlocked by collecting 30 Nick Wilde Chips.

Description Edit

Nick Wilde uses his street smarts and charm to control and attack enemies.

In-game Edit

Nick excels at doing damage over time, as his "Lemming Rush" just gets stronger and stronger - and also gains skill power with his "Proper Reinforcements". He is also able to take control of a single target, most often a tank as he takes control of the closest enemy, which may result in an easier victory and less casualties. His friendship with Yax will increase the length of the control, and also the cooldown, making it quite powerful in the long term. His best teammates would be either a scare team (With Sulley, Zurg and Mike), because his abilities would get more critical hits, or Woody to be able to take control of multiple enemies.

Skills Edit

Icon Name Rarity Skill Type Description
Lemming Rush White Damage Nick summons a business lemming with a pawpsicle who deals damage to all enemies. Each time Nick uses this ability, an additional lemming is summoned, up to a max of 5. Each extra lemming does damage to all enemies.
Shuriken Pops Green Damage Nick pulls out some stashed pawpsicles and flings three of them at the closest enemies dealing damage with each hit.
Charming Fox Blue Control Nick uses his skills of persuasion to charm the closest enemy to fight on his side for 7 seconds. While charmed, the target's basic attacks do bonus damage.
Proper Reinforcements Purple Damage Nick gains skill power for every ally left standing, including charmed opponents. He also gains skill power for every lemming his "Lemming Rush" has accumulated.

Friends Edit

Nick Wilde has two friends: Yax and Judy.

Yax: By default, this disk increases the skill power of Nick. The charms also last 6% longer and Nick's ability "Charming Fox" has 6% shorter cooldown.

Judy: By default, this disk increases the max HP of Nick. It also increases his skill power, and shield the first ally for 12% of Nick's HP at start of each wave.

Friendships Edit

Icon Friendship Hero Level Friend Campaign Missions Memory Disk Disk Effect
Yax A Yax Never Forgets A) Finding YaxB) Mystic Spring

C) Namaste Nick

Wild Flamingo Chase
Boosts Charm
  • +20k Skill Power
  • This hero's charm lasts 6% longer.
  • "Charming Fox" has 6% shorter cooldown.
Judy Hopps Tag! You're It! Street Art Shuffle
Shields Allies
  • +300k Max HP
  • +40k Skill Power
  • Shields first ally for 18% of Nick's HP at start of each wave.
Finnick Fight Clubbing
Boosts "Remote Controller" Skill
  • "Remote Controller" does 140k more damage.
  • +125 Starting Energy
  • +10% Conservation
Jack Sparrow One Wilde Night
"Pirate Code" Increases Team Basic Attack
  • "Pirate Code" also grants allies 109.7k Basic Damage.
  • +4 Armor Negation to allies
  • +1.2% Attack Speed to allies
Darkwing Duck Case Quacked
Disable Shields
  • +40k Skill Power
  • +40k Basic Damage
  • +80k Max HP
  • 35% chance to block enemy shields. ; Whenever Darkwing Duck blocks a shield, that enemy's attack and move speed are reduced by 5%.
Robin Hood Fox Tracking
More Energy, HP Stolen with "On Target"
  • Robin Hood steals 400k more HP with "Alms for the Poor"
  • Robin Hood steals 75 more energy with "On Target"


Trivia Edit

  • Nick is one of the few characters with an unlockable costume that can be obtained by a Cosmetic crate. It contains his police officer uniform from the ending of Zootopia.
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