Mike Wazowski is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. He is from the Disney Pixar movies Monsters, Inc. and Monster University. To unlock this character, you need 80 Mike Chips.


Mike Wazowski is a one-eyed monster that uses his comedy skills in battle.


In the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode game, Mike is one of the newest characters who launched with world release. He is a fantastic damage dealer, having great synergy with other heroes who stuns and/or deals fantastic damage as well.


His four abilities focuses on scaring, stunning and dealing fantastic damage:

Sonic Belch:

Mike deals great damage to all enemies.

Canister toss:

Mike throws a scream canister at the closest enemy, scaring them and all nearby enemies for 8 seconds. Attacks that do Fantastic Damage always crit against Scared enemies. The Scare has a chance to fail against enemies above the level of the skill.

On a roll:

Mike rolls and deals some damage to all enemies.

Fight or Fright:

When Mike damages a scared enemy, he also stuns them for 3 seconds. The Stun has a chance to fail against enemies above the level of the skill.

Friend Disks

Mike has two friends: Sulley and Jack-Jack.

Sulley: By default, this disk gives Mike energy when damaging a stunned enemy. It also increases Mike's skill power, and increases his stun length by 30%.

Jack-Jack: By default, this disk turns Mike's basic attack to deal fantastic damage instead of normal damage. It also increases the basic damage, and increases his attack speed by 5%.


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