Miguel Rivera is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. He is from the Disney*Pixar movie Coco. To unlock this character, you need 10 Miguel Rivera chips.

Description Edit

Miguel Uses Music To Support His Allies On The Battle Field

Strategy Edit

Skills Edit

Icon Name Rarity Description
crescendo White Instead of doing basic attacks, Miguel puts healing Notes above allies. Miguel cannot be charmed.

Miguel strums his guitar, removing all of his Notes. His Healing Notes heal when removed.

Sharpen Green Miguel puts a sharp Note above a random ally, granting them Skill Power. When Miguel uses Crescendo, the sharp Note is removed and the ally gets Energy.
Flatten Blue Miguel puts a flat Note over an enemy’s head, reducing their armor and slowing their movement speed. When Miguel uses Crescendo, the flat Note is removed and the enemy is stunned.
Serenade Purple Miguel gains Skill Power per Note on the screen. This includes Notes from enemy Miguels.

Friendships Edit

Miguel has two friends: Elsa and Jessie.

Friends Edit

Icon Friendship Heroes Level Friend Campaign Difficulty Memory Disk Disc Effect
Elsa 86
Jessie 75


Icon Name Craftable?
SugarRush Sugar Rush No

Icon Name Craftable?


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