Mickey Mouse is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. He is THE mascot of Disney. He is from the Mickey and Friends Franchise. To unlock this character, you need 10 Mickey Mouse chips.

Description Edit

Mickey Mouse has been entertaining children of all ages for over 90 years. A master performer, Mickey's a good-hearted, clever pal that'll always save the day!

Strategy Edit

Mickey Mouse started to be the worst support class. But when keep upgrading his skill, and promote him to the purple rarity. He can heal and boost normal basic attack for his team. The strategy is to have a lot of upgrades, great Tanks, and 2-6 ranks Mickey mouse. having Sully and Boo Disk's will improve Mickey Mouse Healing, And Jack Skellington Disk's will increase attack speed. It is better to use Sully and Boo Disk's.

Skills Edit

Icon Name Rarity Damage Type Description Amount
Team cheer
Team Cheer White Support Mickey applies “Tooned Up” to all allies, giving them an increase to all damage done.
Silly Symphony Green Support Mickey conducts an Energy boost to the ally with the least energy.
Apprentice Sorcery Blue Support Mickey magically heals the ally with the least HP.
Oh Boy! Purple Support Allies with “Tooned Up” regenerate HP over the duration of “Tooned Up”.

Friendships Edit

Icon Friendship Heroes Level Friend Campaign Difficulty Memory Disk Disc Effect
{{}} & {{}} Sulley and Boo Level 76
{{}} & {{}} Jack Skellington Level 77


Icon Name Craftable?


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