Memory Disks are items that give heroes extra buffs to their stats, skills, or attacks. Each hero's disks are unlocked after completing their respective friendship campaigns. Each hero can have at most two memory disks but can only equip one at a time. They can be powered up by level with Disk Power or by stars with Memories.

List of Memory Disks Edit

Disk Icon Friendship Lv Unlock Disk Name Main Buff
RalphVanellope 20 Piece of Cake Boosts Stuns
ElastigirlVanellope 27 Tough Cookie "Iron Fist" Skill Hits Backline Enemies
YaxFrozone 29 Chill Yax Boosts Team Damage
VanellopeDash 31 Pulled A Fast One Boosts damage vs. Slowed Enemies
ElastigirlJack Jack 33 Drool's Errand Lowers Reality on Enemies
YaxFinnick 35 Musk Yax Boosts "Chill Vibes" Skill
VioletRalph 37 Wrecking Ball Shields Stun Enemies
FrozoneMr Incredible 39 Bowling Night Give Bonus to Tank Allies
FelixRalph 41 Rapid Fire Fixin' Boosts Healing
Nick WildeYax 43 Wild Flamingo Chase Boosts Charm
FelixFrozone 45 Golden Snow Cone Freezes Foes
Mr IncredibleElastigirl 46 Date Night Shreds Enemy Armor
CalhounViolet 47 Another Castle Shields Allies
DashFinnick 48 Stray Stereo Drains Energy
Jack JackViolet 49 Babe with the Fire Power Attacks Faster
FinnickJudy Hopps 50 Final Hustle Boosts ally damage vs. Slowed Enemies
DashViolet 51 Homeward Bound More Damage to Shielded Enemies
Judy HoppsFelix 52 Deputy Junior Boosts "Deputize" Skill
Nick WildeJudy Hopps 53 Street Art Shuffle Shields Allies
CalhounFelix 54 Power of Love Grants Energy on Enemy Defeat
Chief BogoCalhoun 55 Chief Inspector Boosts Damage and "Criminal Charge" Skill
FinnickNick Wilde 56 Fight Clubbing Boosts "Remote Controller" Skill
Jack JackChief Bogo 57 Bogo Buddies "Rock A Bye" Skill Adds AOE Damage and Stun
Mr IncredibleDash 58 Training Montage Gets Stronger
Judy HoppsChief Bogo 59 Carrot Caper Boosts "Play Dead" Skill
Chief BogoMr Incredible 60 Vigilante Justice "Serve and Protect" Skill Heals Bogo
WoodyBuzz Lightyear 60 Batteries Included More Energy
JessieJudy Hopps 61 Boot Scoot Chance to Dodge
Buzz LightyearEmperor Zurg 62 World's Greatest Minion More Lasers
SulleyRalph 64 Wreck and Repair Counters Stuns With Healing
Jack SparrowNick Wilde 64 One Wilde Night “Pirate Code" Increases Team Basic Attack
EVEWALL E 65 It Takes Two “Shield Directive" Heals and Targets Two Allies
RexWoody 66 Partysaurus Allies More Effective Against Shields
WALL EDash 67 Rusty Sidekick Longer Disables
Emperor ZurgRex 68 #1 Fan Stronger Against Tanks
Mike WazowskiSulley 69 Top Scarer Energy From Stunned Enemies
RalphJack Sparrow 71 Hero's Duty Heals on Stun
WoodyJessie 72 My Favorite Deputy Uses "Lasso" at the Beginning of Combat
JessieBuzz Lightyear 72 Falling With Style Start Combat With Energy
RexMike Wazowski 73 Ship Shape Takes Less Damage for Each Damage Ally
SulleyWoody 74 Play Together "Healing Laughter" Heals Allies Skill Power
EVECalhoun 74 Gift from the Heart EVE Spreads Disables
Mike WazowskiJack Jack 74 Peel of Laughter Basic Attack Does Fantastic Damage
FrozoneEVE 75 Cool as Ice "Stay Frosty" Heals Allies
Tia DalmaYax 76 Elephant in the Room Silences Damage Enemies
MeridaElastigirl 76 Junior Super Ice Arrows
Jack SparrowHector Barbossa 77 Pirated Music Increases Max HP, "Avast!" Heals
QuorraEVE 77 Well Read Heal on Crit
WALL EKevin Flynn 78 Legacy Hardware More Team Energy Storage
Tia DalmaJack Sparrow 78 Mystic Mixture Charm Damages
Hector BarbossaTia Dalma 79 Hold Court Study at Combat Start
QuorraBuzz Lightyear 80 Surge Protector Start of Combat Shield
Buzz LightyearKevin Flynn 79 Grid Energy Shields Allies
Kevin FlynnQuorra 80 Sweet Glitch Better Shields
VanellopeMerida 82 Ultimate Princess "Minty Fresh" More Damage; Shorter Cooldown
VioletMerida 83 Investigative Journalism Increased Shield Length and HP
MeridaChief Bogo 83 Bullheaded Redhead Fire Arrows
Hector BarbossaStitch 84 Stowaway More Chain Shot
MauiMoana 84 Master Navigator More HP For Every Tank
StitchMaui 85 Anchor's Away! Stronger Slow
MoanaMerida 85 Friends of a Feather Jump Earlier, Farther
AladdinGenie 86 When You Wish Health Regeneration Once Per Fight
BaymaxWALL E 87 Happy Go Lucky Shields Give Armor; Better Shields
Emperor ZurgHiro Hamada 88 Tools of Conquest Share Energy With Ally
GenieMike Wazowski 88 Strike Rich First Wish Grants Shield
Kevin FlynnBaymax 89 Old School Diagnostic "Power Cleanse" Heals Allies
Hiro HamadaBaymax 89 Robot Mods Megabot Shield
MauiGenie 90 World's Stage Bite Steals Energy
Miguel RiveraJessie 90 Lost Dog Found "Serenade" Grants Attack Speed
HadesJack Sparrow 91 Crossbones Bonus HP to Tank Allies
Mickey MouseSulley 91 Lettermouse Jacket Improved Healing
MoanaMickey Mouse 92 Day at the Beach "Oceanic Shield" Also Shields Ally
MaleficentUrsula 92 Shell Game "Fog of Doom" Drains Energy
Mickey MouseJack Skellington 92 Dark Chocolate Damage Allies Get Bonuses
ScarMaleficent 93 A Thorn By Any Other Name Invisibility at Low Health
UrsulaHades 94 Signing Bonus "Something For Nothing" Gives Allies Energy
AladdinShank 95 Need for Speed "Sabre Slash" Increases Attack Speed
UrsulaTia Dalma 95 Crab Mentality Starting Energy Per Control Ally
ShankElastigirl 95 Lockdown Build-up More Energy
Miguel RiveraElsa 96 Frozen Melody "Flatten" Freezes; Frozen Enemies Lose Armor
ShankVanellope 97 Get In Gear Allies Share Armor
OlafFelix 97 Tool of the Trade Evade Debuffs
ElsaFrozone 98 Trail-Breakers Longer Freezes
BaymaxOlaf 99 Snow Day "Blast Off" Freezes Enemies
MaleficentJack Skellington 99 Drake-O-Lantern Deadlier Thorns
Jack SkellingtonSally 99 A Lovely Brew Better Burning
ElsaOlaf 99 Cold Comfort Shield Tanks
SallyYax 99 Corpse Flower Tanks Get Reality
GenieElsa 100 Break the Ice Basic Attacks Can Freeze
SallyTia Dalma 100 Trouble Brewing Poison is Permanent
OlafMoana 100 Really Cool Shades Freezing Twice Does Big Damage
Hiro HamadaDarkwing duck 101 Gadgets and Gizmos Microbot Stun Affects Multiple Enemies
Disney heroes battle mode aliceMiguel Rivera 101 Flower Song More Enormous Damage
Darkwing duckNick Wilde 102 Case Quacked Disable Shields
Disney heroes battle mode mad hatterDisney heroes battle mode alice 102 Unbirthday Par-tea Basic Attacks & "Mad Tea Party" Slow
Disney heroes battle mode aliceQuorra 102 Royal Flush Shielded When Enormous
StitchDisney heroes battle mode mad hatter 103 Highly Caffeinated Bite More Enemies
Darkwing duckMr Incredible 103 Sticking Point Crit Counterattack
Disney Heroes Battle Mode GastonCalhoun 103 Tough Training More Damage to Stunned
Disney heroes battle mode queen of heartsDisney heroes battle mode alice 103 Fur Ball Buffs On KO's
ScarDisney heroes battle mode queen of hearts 104 Hedge-emony Attack Speed on Ally KO
Jack SkellingtonDisney heroes battle mode mad hatter 105 All Ducked Out More Ducks
Disney heroes battle mode queen of heartsRex 105 Royal Ride Shuffle More Enemies
HadesMegara 106 Carved in Stone Boosts Team's Damage Over Time Skills
HerculesMegara 106 Victory Urned "What Goes Around" Stuns Longer
MegaraAladdin 107 Cymbalic Monkey Longer Disables
MegaraShank 109 Driving Force Linked Ally Protection
HerculesMaui 110 Going for Gold "True Hero" Invincibility to Tanks
Disney heroes battle mode goofyMickey Mouse 111 Stupefying Sandwich "How to Goof" Shields Allies from Disables
Disney heroes battle mode Robin HoodMerida 113 Double the Bows "Hard Nocks" Stuns Longer
Disney Heroes Battle Mode MerlinGenie 114 Vacation Buddies More Books from "Medieval Muddle"
Disney heroes battle mode Robin HoodNick Wilde 115 Fox Tracking More Energy, HP Stolen with "On Target"
Disney Heroes Battle Mode Duke CaboomWoody 115 Badge of Bravery "Oh Yeah" Heals Allies
Disney heroes battle mode goofyJessie 117 High-Note Hat Blinded Enemies Take More Damage
Disney heroes battle mode ducky & bunnyDisney Heroes Battle Mode Merlin 118 Squirrel Around "Support" and "Control" Ally Buff
Disney heroes battle mode bo peepDisney heroes battle mode joy 120 Flock Jacket Heals When Blocking Projectiles
Disney heroes battle mode joyOlaf 121 Bursting with Happiness "Happiness" equals Armor
Disney heroes battle mode angerEmperor Zurg 122 Calling all Creeps "Rage" Buffs Damage Heroes
Disney heroes battle mode angerHades 123 Broken Buttress Faster, Hotter Basic Attacks
Disney heroes battle mode bo peepWoody 124 On The Lamb Stronger Armor Reduction
Disney heroes battle mode joyDisney heroes battle mode anger 125 Eat Your Feelings Blocks Enemy Disables
Peter PanDisney heroes battle mode Robin Hood 125 Swashbucklers Duel Longer With "Air Parry"
Peter PanDisney heroes battle mode alice 126 You Can Lye "Neverland Rally" Buffs Allies
Disney heroes battle mode RafikiDisney Heroes Battle Mode Merlin 126 Natural Magic Longer Stuns and Blinds
The BeastSulley 127 Work's a Beast Stronger VS Damage Enemies
Disney Heroes Battle Mode MerlinThe Beast 128 Lessons Learned Invisible Allies Attack Faster
Disney heroes battle mode mad hatterDisney heroes battle mode Rafiki 129 Strong Brew Better Charms
Disney heroes battle mode RafikiJack Jack 129 Baboon Biscuit "Healing Breath" Heals Allies
Timon and PumbaaScar 130 Nap Nest Skills Remove Armor from Enemies
Disney heroes battle mode ducky & bunnyTimon and Pumbaa 132 Stuffed Yet Satisfying Stronger "Carney Clash," Burning Lasers
JafarScar 132 Pin It To Me Use "Whirling Dervish" at the Beginning of Each Wave
JafarDisney Heroes Battle Mode Gaston 133 Twelve Dozen Gems "Snake Charmer" Steals HP and Energy
Timon and PumbaaStitch 134 Not Lei-ing Around Improved "Hakuna Matata"
Simba & NalaMiguel Rivera 135 Cut-Out Cubs Increased Damage to Reduced Armor Enemies
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