Megavolt is a playable damage character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. He was added to the game in Patch 1.14.2 in November 2019 and requires 30 Megavolt chips to unlock.


Megavolt harnesses the power of electricity to shock his enemies.


Icon Skill Rarity Damage Type Description
Ecstatic Charge
Ecstatic Charge White Fantastic Damage Passive: Megavolt's basic attacks apply 4 stacks of "Charged" to enemies, slowing enemies' movement speed with "Charged" by 5% per stack up to a max of 50%.

Active: Megavolt consumes all stacks of "Charged," causing electricity to bounce between enemies equal to the number of stacks consumed. Each electrical bounce of the eletricity deals X damage.

Shocking Strike
Shocking Strike Green Fantastic Damage Megavolt unleashes a blast of eletricity, dealing X damage to all enemies and applying 3 stacks of "Charged" to enemies damaged.
Say Watt
Say Watt? Blue Fantastic Damage Megavolt fires an arc of lightning at the enemy with the most energy, stunning them for 7 seconds and dealing X damage.

If the target of this skill has more than 500 energy, they are instead stunned for 9 seconds and dealt X damage.

Shock Absorber
Shock Absorber Purple Fantastic Damage Megavolt constantly shocks nearby enemies, dealing X per second to them. Each stack of "Charge" increases the damage taken from this skill by 15% up to a max of 200% more damage.
Bright Idea
Bright Idea Red Fantastic Damage Megavolt applies 2 stacks of "Charged" to enemies being damaged by "Shock Absorber" every 3 seconds.

When an enemy reaches 5 stacks of "Charged" they are stunned for 5 seconds and dealt X damage.

Additional Stat Boosts:

  • +X Basic Damage
  • +X Skill Power
  • +X Damage per bounce from "Ecstatic Charge"


Friend Hero Level Friendship Campaign Missions Memory Disk
Emperor Zurg 141
Finnick 145
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