The Mailbox is a feature on Disney Heroes: Battle Mode where you can get notified for new updates, server status updates, and more.


Update Available (11:00 AM May 23)Edit

Hey all. Welcome to Disney Heroes: Battle Mode! We've just released a 1.0.1 client for iOS. This update has a few fixes for rare bugs that can occur during the tutorial.

Where to Get More Info! (10:32 AM May 24)Edit

Time to venture out on your own! If you're ever confused about anything, there are a few places you can turn. They can all be accessed from the main screen by tapping your profile picture.

The "Support" button is the place to go to find our game FAQs. If you have a specific issue with your account, you can also contact Customer Support.

The "Fourms" button will take you to the Disney Heroes Fourms, which is a great place to ask questions, talk strategy, and chat with other players.

Server Stats Update (2:53 PM May 24)Edit

Hey all! We just did a small stats update on the server. Here's what's new:

  • Jessie's green skill "Sonic Yodel" now has the normal damage icon to match what the skill is actually doing in game.
  • Several Friend Campaign episodes have moved to earlier chapters so they are accessible for all servers.

Thanks for playing!

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