Kristoff & Sven are characters in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. They're from the Disney movies Frozen and Frozen 2. To unlock them, you need 10 Kristoff & Sven Chips.

Description Edit

Kristoff keeps his best pal, Sven, by his side as he deals some icy damage on the battlefield.

Skills Edit

Icon Skill Rarity Damage Type Description
Troll Mend White N/A A troll appears and heals Kristoff and his allies, also increasing their armor for 8 seconds.
Best Buddies Green Normal Damage Kristoff summons his best friend, Sven, at the beginning of each wave. While Sven is in battle, all allies gain extra skill power.

When Sven is KO'd, he runs across the battlefield, dealing damage to enemies he hits.

Slippery Slide Blue Fantastic Damage Kristoff slides a block of ice across the battlefield, hitting the closest enemies in an area. Enemies hit are knocked back, Frozen for 10 seconds, and dealt damage per second while Frozen.
Ice Harvest Purple N/A Kristoff increases the duration of all allies's freezes and slows by 35%.
Reindeer Rampage Red N/A Once per wave, 8 seconds after Sven is KO'd, Kristoff may use Best Buddies to summon Sven again.

Every 3 times Sven attacks, damaged enemies are Frozen for 8 seconds.

Additional Stat Boosts: More Skill Power, More Max HP, More Reality for Sven

Trivia Edit

  • Kristoff & Sven are the 100th Hero added to the game. Because of this, Disney Heroes had a special event in which all players received 10 Kristoff & Sven Chips for free every day for eight days for a total of 80 chips, enough to evolve Kristoff & Sven to three stars.
  • Despite their name implying that they always attack as a team (like with Sulley & Boo or Timon & Pumbaa, among others), Kristoff & Sven's dynamic during battle is much more similar to the dynamic between Jasmine and her pet tiger, Rajah, who acts as an assistant to her when she summons him in battle.
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