Judy Hopps is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. She is the main protagonist in the Disney Movie Zootopia. Together with Nick Wilde, she begun her adventure as the first bunny in Zootopia's police force. To unlock this character, you need 10 Judy Hopps chips.

Description Edit

Brimming with optimism and pure determination, Judy Hopps uses her kickboxing skills to subdue the enemy.

Strategy Edit

Judy is an offensive support that enables allied normal damage dealers. "Bunny Hop" allows removes the enemy tank from the fight momentarily to allow Judy's team to deal damage to the weaker mid-line foes. "Deputize" grants her team additional damage at the start of the wave and the attack speed helps them to generate a little more energy. "Testify" allows Judy to keep her inspire buff on her most aggressive ally, as well as healing them slightly. Finally, "Play Dead" grants Judy some survivability and an additional way to buff her team when they're in danger.

The disk gained from Felix enables Judy to team up with other support characters to increase the effectiveness of her Inspire buff, as well as granting her an increase to her skill power.

The disk gained from Chief Bogo grants her a great boost to survivability and damage output, allowing her to be more aggressive.

Abilities Edit

Icon Name Rarity Damage Type Description
Bunny Hop White Normal Judy jumps into the air to kick the closest enemy, knocking them backwards and dealing damage. The enemy's speed is reduced by 80% for 3 seconds.

The slow has a chance to fail against enemies higher than the skill's level.

Deputize Green Support Just inspires her whole team at the start of every wave, granting them increased basic damage and an additional 15% speed for 7 seconds.
Testify Blue Support When an ally knock out an enemy, Hopps instantly heals them and inspires them for 3 seconds.

The benefits of the inspire match the rank of "Deputize".

Play Dead Purple Defensive The first time Judy reaches 0hp she plays dead. A short time later, she comes back to life, inspiring her whole team for 2 seconds.

Judy is invincible for 1 second after reviving. The benefits of the inspire match the rank of "Deputize".

Officer's Cheer Red Whenever Judy uses "Deputize", "Testify", and "Play Dead" she also inspires herself and allies with an additional 75 Energy, 25 Tenacity, and 1 stacks of Hardy.

After reviving from "Play Dead", Judy Studies all enemies for 5 seconds. Attacks that do Normal damage always crit against studied enemies.

The Study has a chance to fail against enemies above level 195.

Friend Disks Edit

Felix's "Deputy Junior" Edit

Boosts "Deputize Skill (Fe)


  • +100% Basic damage from her Inspire buff per support on her team

Increases skill power based on the disk's level

Chief Bogo's "Carrot Caper" Edit

Boosts "Play Dead" Skill (Bo)


  • +5% attack speed
  • +1 second of invincibility after "Play Dead"

Increases max HP, basic damage, and the healing provided from "Play Dead" based on the disk's level


Trivia Edit

  • Judy is one of the few characters whose purple skill isn't a passive ability (since it actually plays the skill animation rather than just showing her victory animation, like most purple skills.)
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