Jasmine is a playable control character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. She is from the Aladdin movies. She requires 10 Jasmine chips to unlock.


Jasmine fights enemies with her trusty pole and faithful friend Rajah.


Icon Name Rarity Damage Type Description
Tiger Strike White Fantastic Damage

Passive: Rajah enters the battle alongside Jasmine and deals damage with each basic attack.

Active: Player chooses an enemy for Rajah to pounce on, damaging and stunning them. While on auto, Rajah will choose the closest enemy to Jasmine. This will resummon Rajah at full HP if he has been KO'd.

Fast Learner Green Normal Damage Jasmine jumps forward to the closest enemy, dealing damage and knocking them back. Jasmine then jumps back to her original position.
Energy Vortex Blue Jasmine swirls her staff around, stealing energy from the enemy with the most energy. 
Tiger Boost Purple Rajah's max HP is increased.
Red Coming soon


Icon Friend Hero Level Friend Campaign Missions Memory Disk
JasmineAladdinDisk2 Aladdin 135 "Trust Together" A) Melon Chase Market Adventure
Shank 134 "One For The Vaults" Ready To Ride
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