Ian Lightfoot is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. He is the main protagonist of the Disney movie Onward. To unlock him, you need 10 Ian Lightfoot Chips.

Discretion Edit

Armed with his magical staff, Ian Lightfoot takes down enemies with his armory of spells.

Skills Edit

Icon Name Rarity Damage Type Description
Voltar Thundasir
Voltar Thundasir White TBA Ian casts Voltar Thundasir at the closest enemies in an area, dealing damage per second and knocking them back every second for the spell duration. The duration of the spell increases each time he performs “Voltar Thundasir".
Boom Bastia
Boom Bastia Green TBA Ian casts Boom Bastia, dealing damage and blinding enemies.
Magnora Gantuan
Magnora Gantuan Blue N/A Ian attempts to cast Magnora Gantuan on an ally but misfires, instead shrinking the closest enemy. Enemies shrunk by this spell have their max HP, basic damage and movement speed reduced. Shrunk enemies are knocked back farther and can only basic attack when shrunk.
Reflection Spell
Reflection Spell Purple N/A At the beginning of each wave, Ian applies Reflect to the furthest back ally, including himself. Heroes with Reflect return a percent of damage dealt to them back at the enemy who dealt the damage. This damage cannot be avoided by dodges.
Stronger Magic
Stronger Magic Red N/A When Ian or an ally with Reflect takes damage, Ian gains energy. Ian gains stacks of Hardy each time he uses “Voltar Thundasir.”
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