Hiro is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. He is the main protagonist from the Disney movie Big Hero 6. To unlock this character, you need 30 Hiro Hamada chips. If he is KO'd, he puts his hands in his pockets. If he wins a battle, a pillar appears which he is standing on, and fireworks appear.

Description Edit

A robotics prodigy, Hiro Hamada uses his smarts and gadgets to defeat his enemies.

In-Game Edit

Hiro is a Control unit who excels in holding enemies in place, making them vulnerable to the attacks of his teammates. His White skill allows him to summon his toy robot, Megabot, to attack and stun enemies, and his Green skill gives Megabot a new attack. Hiro's Blue skill also grants him the ability to use his Microbots to damage and stun enemies as well. Also worth noting is that Hiro's Purple skill grants both him and Megabot the ability to occasionally dodge attacks. To make the best use of Hiro, he should be paired with Heroes such as Merida or Jack Sparrow that can deal large amounts of damage to enemies in a short amount of time. This way, Hiro can hold enemies in place while his allies finish them off.

Hiro can also acquire two Memory Disks, both of which enhance Megabot's attacking prowess in different ways. The Robot Mods Memory Disk, obtained from Baymax, gives Megabot a temporary shield when it first spawns, and also provides other buffs to Megabot, increasing its longevity in battle. Meanwhile, the Gadgets and Gizmos Memory Disk received from Darkwing Duck enhances Megabot's stunning capacity, allowing it to stun multiple enemies at once.

Skills Edit

Icon Name Rarity Damage Type Description
Megabot call
Megabot Call White Normal Damage

Hiro summons his toy robot, Megabot, to fight for him. Megabot stuns nearby enemies when it lands. It has an amount of HP and deals damage with each subsequent attack. Hiro can only have one active Megabot at a time.

Megabot spin
Megabot Spin Green Normal Damage

Hiro’s toy robot, Megabot, can now do a spin attack that deals damage to all enemies near it and slows their movement and attack speed.

Microbot stun
Microbot Stun Blue Fantastic Damage

Hiro summons a microbot pillar that deals damage to the furthest enemy and stuns them.

Analyze Purple N/A

Hiro and his toy robot, Megabot, have a chance to dodge attacks. Hiro gains 30 energy when he or Megabot dodges an attack.

Friendships Edit

Icon Friendship Heroes Level Friend Campaign Memory Disk Disc Effect
{{}} & {{}} Baymax Level 89 Test Run Robot Mods
Megabot Shield
  • Hiro's Megabot starts with a Shield that lasts for 10 seconds
  • Extra starting Energy
  • Hiro's Megabot gets extra Attack Speed while Shielded from any source
{{}} & {{}} Darkwing Duck Level 101 Darkwing 2.0 Gadgets and Gizmos
Microbot Stun Affects Multiple Enemies
  • Extra Skill Power
  • "Microbot Stun" also stuns nearby enemies


Icon Name Craftable?
SugarRush Sugar Rush No

Icon Name Craftable?


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