Hero Chips are items in Disney Heroes that serve three purposes: to unlock new Heroes, evolve Heroes that you already have, and advance Hero Mods; the former two actions also require certain amounts of gold as well. Each Hero has their own version of Hero Chips, and they can be collected from the Elite Campaign, Guild and Diamond Chests, any of the game's shops, and as prizes from most server-wide contest events.

If you collect enough Hero Chips for a Hero you already have, you'll be able to spend those Hero Chips to add a star to the Hero, increasing the Hero's star level by one. Doing this will heavily boost most of the Hero's base stats, making them significantly more powerful. Currently, six stars is the most amount of stars Heroes can have. However, even after you get a Hero up to six stars, you can still collect Hero Chips for that Hero in order to use them to advance Mods, upgrade Red Skills or even exchange them for Friendship Quest.

Unlocking and Evolving Requirements

Amount of Hero Chips and Gold Needed to Unlock Locked Heroes

  • For Heroes starting with 1 star: 10 Hero Chips, 1,000 Gold
  • For Heroes starting with 2 stars: 30 Hero Chips, 50,000 Gold
  • For Heroes starting with 3 stars: 80 Hero Chips, 200,000 Gold

Amount of Hero Chips and Gold Needed to Evolve Heroes

  • For Heroes with 1 star: 20 Hero Chips, 35,000 Gold
  • For Heroes with 2 stars: 50 Hero Chips, 120,000 Gold
  • For Heroes with 3 stars: 100 Hero Chips, 300,000 Gold
  • For Heroes with 4 stars: 150 Hero Chips, 500,000 Gold
  • For Heroes with 5 stars: 200 Hero Chips, 750,000 Gold

Hero Chips Rewarded by Full Heroes

Some parts of the game, usually chests and the daily sign-in, will occasionally outright unlock a new Hero for you - this bonus is known as a Full Hero. However, if you're given a Full Hero that you already have unlocked, the game will instead give you some Hero Chips, with the amount depending on the Hero's starting amount of stars.

  • Heroes starting with 1 Star: 7 Hero Chips
  • Heroes starting with 2 Stars: 18 Hero Chips
  • Heroes starting with 3 Stars: 30 Hero Chips

Mod Advancing Requirements

  • To Advance a Mod to +1: 20 Hero Chips
  • To Advance a Mod to +2: 30 Hero Chips
  • To Advance a Mod to +3: 40 Hero Chips
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