Genie is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. He is from the Disney's movie, Aladdin. To unlock this character, you need 80 Genie chips.

Description Edit

"Genie's phenomenal cosmic powers support his allies and control his enemies."

Skills Edit

Icon Name Color Rank Damage Type Description
Three Wishes White Normal Damage Genie grants 3 wishes, healing the 3 weakest allies over 8 seconds. Genie can't grant a wish to himself.
Makeover Green Fantastic Damage Genie turns a random enemy into an object, stunning them for 6 seconds. When the target reverts to their normal form, they are dealt Fantastic Damage.

Units transformed by this skill are untargetable.

Cosmic Power Blue N/A Genie's 2nd wish now grants 8 seconds of invincibility in addition to healing.

Genie's 3rd wish now grants 650 energy in addition to healing.

Energize Purple N/A The attack speeds of allies and Genie being healed over time are increased by 50%.


Trivia Edit

  • Genie is one of the few characters that has an unlockable costume that can be otained by a Cosmetic Crate. It contains his vacation outfit from the Aladdin movie.
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