Finnick is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. He is from the Disney Movie Zootopia. Finnick can be unlocked by collecting 10 Finnick Chips.

Description Edit

A short fox with an equally short temper, Finnick fox wallops his enemies with his Jumbo Pop and a little help from his beloved van.

Skills Edit

Icon Name Rarity Damage Type Description Amount
Remote controller
Remote Controller White Normal Damage Finnick controls his trusty van remotely causing it to deal damage and knock back all enemies. If his van damages any enemy who is slowed, they will also be stunned. +30% Damage
Pummel pop
Pummel Pop Green Fantastic Damage Finnick flings Jumbo Pop goo at the nearest enemy, doing damage to them and nearby enemies. +60% Damage
Jumbo slam
Jumbo Slam Blue Normal Damage Finnick smashes his Jumbo Pop, sending out a shockwave that deals damage to enemies in front of him. +30% Damage
Sticky situation
Sticky Situation Purple N/A Finnick gets his Jumbo Pop goo everywhere, causing his basic attacks, “Pummel Pop”, and "Jumbo Slam, to also slow enemies’ movement and attack speed. +30-60% Damage
A Good Hustle Red N/A Slowed Enemies deal 20% less damage.

Whenever an ally or enemy is knocked back, Finnick gains 44751 skill power. Finnick retains 80% of this skill power between waves.

The effects of this skill are 100% stronger when the slow or knockback source isn't Finnick.

The damage reduction from Finnick's slows is reduced against enemies above level 195.

+30% Damage


Friendships Edit

Finnick has two friends: Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde


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