Ice Cold is the first episode of Yax and Frozone's friendship campaign, Cool Factor.

Dialogue Edit

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Description Cost Enemies
1 Yax has the "Hero Worship" bug. Since the first time he saw Frozone, fight he's been fixated. 6 FriendStamina Blue MageJack JackFinnickMr Incredible
2 Yax follows Frozone on his crime fighting adventures. 6 FriendStamina Purple BlobChief BogoCalhounTurret
3 Frozone doesn't notice him right away during the battle, but then notices that his cuts and scrapes keep disappearing. 6 FriendStamina Purple BlobBlue BlobFelixMr Incredible
4 6 FriendStamina
5 6 FriendStamina
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