Going Out is the first episode in the Trust Together friendship campaign for Jasmine and Aladdin.


Icon Dialogue
Jasmine-200px We've been stuck inside so much lately, I'm beginning to know how Genie felt trapped in his lamp. Shall we go out and explore the town?
Aladdin That's a great idea, Jasmine! There's still so much of the City we haven't seen yet.


# Description Cost Enemies
1 Jasmine and Aladdine have both had trouble adjusting to life in the City. FriendStamina Disney heroes battle mode queen of hearts Cannon Jack Skellington
2 The City is fascinating, but so unlike Agrabah that, despite making new friends, the two struggle to find a sense of place. 6 FriendStamina Disney heroes battle mode goofy Hercules  Stitch
3 6 FriendStamina
4 6 FriendStamina
5 6 FriendStamina
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