Danger's My Middle Name is the first episode of Elastigirl and Vanellope's friendship campaign, Mum's The Word.

Dialogue Edit

Icon Dialogue
Vanellope Ha! You want dangerous? I'll show you dangerous, lady.
Elastigirl What is a little girl like you doing out here on your own? The City is far too dangerous for a child alone.



Description Cost Enemies
1 Elastigirl tries to stop Vanellope as she rushes towards a group of Creeps. 6 FriendStamina TurretBlue MageJack JackPurple Ninja
2 Vanellope hits the next wave with a giant soda blast. 6 FriendStamina Blue BlobBruteFrozoneBlue Mage
3 Elastigirl slips in the soda, and Vanellope glitches in to catch her. 6 FriendStamina Blue MageBlue MageChief BogoBlue Blob
4 There's a Creep right behind Vanellope! Elastigirl stretches ahead to help. 6 FriendStamina TurretPurple NinjaMr IncredibleDash
5 Our heroes are surrounded! Vanellope's lollipop slam scatters the Creeps. 6 FriendStamina Blue BlobCannonDashMr Incredible
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