Elsa is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. She's a protagonist of the Disney movies Frozen and Frozen 2. To unlock this character, you need 30 Elsa chips.

Description Edit

Queen Elsa of Arendelle was born with the power to create ice and snow.

In-Game Edit

Elsa is an effective Damage hero, able to deal damage to enemies swiftly and mercilessly, especially when she uses her skills. As with Frozone, Elsa can use her ice powers to incapacitate enemies by slowing or freezing them, but her skills focus primarily on dealing damage. She can also shield Tank heroes using the Cold Comfort Memory Disk received from Olaf, or freeze Control enemies for longer periods of time using the Trail-Breakers Memory Disk received from Frozone. To compliment her abilities, it's best to pair Elsa up with Tank or Support heroes that can protect her by absorbing damage or generating shields. This strategy works especially well if Elsa is equipped with the Cold Comfort Memory Disk, as it will enable her to increase your Tank Heroes' longevity with the shields produced from the disk.

Skills Edit

Icon Name Rarity Damage Type Description
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Snow Strike White Fantastic Damage Elsa conjures a blizzard, dealing damage to all enemies.
A4af9d04a4c69438f494947a92f35a1f00f353f7 2 200x200
Cold Snap Green Fantastic Damage Elsa blasts the closest enemy with ice, dealing damage and freezing them.
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Icy Blast Blue Fantastic Damage Elsa brings down an icy barrage on the furthest enemy, damaging that enemy, plus nearby enemies, and freezing them.
F69f0c80ad168581a650bb0d2f59f66870669884 2 200x200
Getting Colder Purple N/A Elsa does more damage to frozen and slowed enemies.
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Frosted Over Red N/A The enemy with the most basic damage is frozen for the first 8 seconds of each wave.

When an enemy is frozen or slowed, Elsa gains 75 energy.

Additional Stat Boosts:

  • More damage from "Snow Strike"
  • More Skill Power
  • More Basic Damage

Friendships Edit

Friendship Hero Level Friend Campaign Missions Memory Disk Disk Effects
Frozone 98 "Nice Ice"
  • Not Yeti
  • On Fire
  • Chocolate Time
Longer Freezes
  • Extra skill power
  • Freezes from any source freeze Control role enemies for longer
Olaf 99 "To Puddle or Not"
  • Sandy
Cold Comfort
Shield Tanks
  • Higher Max HP
  • Shield for Tank role allies at the start of each wave


Icon Name Craftable?
SugarRush Sugar Rush No

Icon Name Craftable?
FRYING PAN Frying Pan No

Trivia Edit

  • In the 1.15 version update, Elsa was given a new character model based on her design in Frozen 2, complete with all-new animations.
  • Additionally, all of Elsa's skills except the Green skill were given new names. The original skill names were as follows:
    • White Skill: Winter's Gale
    • Blue Skill: Crushed Ice
    • Purple Skill: Gloves Off
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