EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. She is one of the two lead characters of the Disney Pixar movie Wall-E, the other being Wall-E himself. To unlock EVE, you need 80 EVE Chips. If she is KO'd, her eyes deactivate and her arms retract, and she falls to the ground. If she wins, she flies around and when she comes to rest, she winks.

Description Edit

This Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator uses her powerful blasters and advanced technology to find and protect life.

In-game Edit

EVE is an interesting character in the game. She both deals damage, and she supports her weakest ally with "Shield Directive". That said, she excels at taking down disabled enemies dealing 100% more damage with her "Combat Efficiency". Her two friend disks are also worth getting: The first one makes sure that her stun with "Ion Shock" lasts longer, and also disables will spread when she fires her "Hand Cannon" (I.e. if the disabled enemy was stunned, the stun will also affect the splash targets). The other focuses on healing, as it grants a second shield to a second ally, and also heals the character, as well as increasing the shield HP. Both great in different scenarios. As far as team comps go, several heroes would aid EVE in fighting her enemies. As most other heroes, EVE benefits from the extra energy from Wall-E (To get her attacks going) and from heroes who can disable the enemy, as that is what EVE can really contribute to (Wall-E, Frozone, Ralph, Mike with a scare team, Rex, Bogo, Woody/Hopps, Felix, Tia Dalma to name the most (Reason for choosing teammates will be given if asked)).

Abilities Edit

Hand Cannon:

Fires at the closest disabled enemy, dealing great damage - as well as inflicting good damage on nearby enemies. If no disabled enemy, the target will be the closest enemy.

Shield Directive:

EVE protects her weakest friend for some damage for the next 7 seconds.

Ion Shock:

EVE stuns and deals good damage to the enemy with the highest skill power.

Combat Efficiency:

EVE does 100% more damage to disabled enemies.

Friend Disks Edit

EVE has two friends: Calhoun and Wall-E.

Calhoun: By default, this disk increases EVE's skill power. It also adds an extra 1 second to EVE's "Ion Shock", and her Hand Cannon spreads disables from the main target to splash targets.

Wall-E: By default, this disk increases the shield HP by 20%. Her ability "Shield Directive" also heals every second, and it also shields a 2nd ally for 20% of the first shield.


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