Dr.Facilier is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. He is from the Disney Movie The Princess and the Frog. Dr.Facilier can be unlocked from diamond chest or guild battle chest by collecting 30 Dr.Facilier Chips. When he finishes the battle, he does a dance while high five his own shadow. If he's KO, he step back and dissapeared leaving his own grave stone.

Description Edit

Assisted by his friends from the other side, Dr. Facilier uses his tricks and curses to cause mayhem on the battlefield.

Skills Edit

Icon Skills Rarity Damage


Seeing Green White Control Dr. Facilier places a totem on the closest enemy, turning them into a frog. He also applies a shield to himself. When the shield is destroyed, the enemy will turn back into their original form.
The Cards Will Tell Green Control Dr. Facilier throws 3 tarot cards at random enemies, dealing damage with each card. Each card also decreases the enemy’s attack speed, silences them, or stuns them.
Shadow Snake Blue Control Dr. Facilier sends out one of his friends from the other side to strike the enemy with the most HP, dealing damage and stunning them.
Conjuring A Curse Purple Control Whenever Dr. Facilier damages an enemy with one of his skills or basic attacks, they are cursed.
Tip of the Hat Red Control Enemies damaged by “The Cards Will Tell” are also sapped. Dr. Facilier’s attack speed is increased while shielded by “Seeing Green”.


Icon Friendship Hero Level Friendship Campaign
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