Donald Duck is a playable control character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. He was added to the game in Patch 1.14.2 and requires 30 Donald Duck chips to unlock.


Donald throws a tantrum by stomping and punching his way across the battlefield.


Icon Skill Rarity Damage Type Description
Fly Into A Rage
Fly Into a Rage White Fantastic Damage Donald jumps to the nearest enemy in a rage, dealing X damage to them.
Hopping Mad
Hopping Mad Green Fantastic Damage Donald throws a tantrum, blinding the closest 3 enemies for 8 seconds and dealing X damage to them.
Ruffled Feathers
Ruffled Feathers Blue Once per wave, when Donald falls below 50% of his max HP, he is healed for X HP and gains 400 energy over 12 seconds.
Short Tempered
Short Tempered Purple Whenever an ally is debuffed, Donald has a 50% change to absorb it without affecting him instead. He stores these debuffs and randomly applies them to enemies during "Fly Into a Rage."
Aw Phooey
Aw, Phooey Red

Donald gains 75 energy when he absorbs a debuff with "Short Tempered."

When Donald fails to absorb a debuff, the debuffed ally is healed for X HP.

Additional boosts to Basic Damage, Max HP, and Damage done during "Hopping Mad"


Icon Friend Hero Level Campaign Missions Memory Disk
ScroogeMcDuck Scrooge McDuck 160
Disney heroes battle mode anger Anger 175


Trivia Edit

  • The main collection that Donald is a part of is the Ducktales franchise, despite him only having cameos in a few episodes of the original series. He does have a more prominent role on the reboot, however.
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