Dash is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode from the Disney Pixar's movie, the Incredibles and its sequel, Incredibles 2.

Description Edit

Dashiell Parr uses his superhuman speed to "dash" in and get in a few well-placed punches before the enemy even realizes he's there.

Animation Edit

Upon entering the field he runs across the screen before reappearing again.

In Victory, he smiles with his eyes half closed, while stars appear round him.

In Defeat, he puts his hands on his knees and pants.

Strategy Edit

Skills Edit

Icon Name Rarity Damage Type Description Effect
Swift Strike White Normal Dash runs across the screen punching enemies up to 7 times. N/A
Getting Punchy Green Normal Dash dashes to a random target and punches them 6 times. N/A
Rapid Guard Blue Support Dash intercept a projectile that is about to hit an ally and ignores a portion of the damage from every projectile he intercepts. N/A
Confidence Boost Purple Passive Dash gains 35 energy as he damages an enemy. Energy gain is reduced on high-level enemies
The Dash Red Offensive Using "Rapid Guard" blocks 125% more damage and converts 75% into basic damage for Dash that lasts 12 seconds.

At the beginning of each wave, Dash's attack and movement speed are increased by 200% for 9 seconds, and then tired out, reducing his attack and movement speed by 15% for 4 seconds.

Bonus Damage failed on high-level enemies 

Friendships Edit

Main Friendship Edit

Icon Friendship Hero Level Campaign Memory Disk Disk Effects
Dash & Finnick Finnick Level 48 The Fast and the Furriest Stray Stereo Drains Energy

By default, this disk increases Skill power by +88 and removes 2 energy from an enemy when damaging them.

Dash & Violet Violet Level 51 Sibling Scramble Homeward Bound More damage to shielded enemies.

By default, this disk increases Skill power by +88 and deals +50% more damage to shielded enemies.

Support Friend Edit

Icon Friendship Hero Level Campaign Memory Disk Disk Effect
Vanellope & Dash Vanellope Level 31 Prank Spree Pulled A Fast One Boosts damage vs. Slowed Enemies

By default, this disk let Vanellope deal more damaged to Slowed enemies and increase her Basic Damage.

& Dash Mr. Incredible Level 58 Boys' Night Training Montage Gets Stronger

By default, this disk let Mr. Incredible take 2% less damage for each ally below 60%, as well as increased Max HP.

& Dash Wall-E Level 65 Robot Romance Rusty Sidekick Longer Disables

By default, this disk let WALL-E and his allies Disable Length increases by 3% as well as allies gaining +7 Energy when they disable an enemy.



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