Dash is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. He is from the Disney Pixar movie, the Incredibles. To unlock this character, you need 10 Dash chips. When defeated, he puts his hands on his knees and pants, before disappearing. If he wins a battle, he smiles with his eyes closed, while stars appear round him.

Description Edit

Dashiell Parr uses his superhuman speed to "dash" in and get in a few well-placed punches before the enemy even realizes he's there.

Strategy Edit


Skills Edit

Icon Name Rarity Damage Type Description Amount
Swift Strike White Normal Dash runs across the screen punching enemies up to 7 times. 144 and up
Getting Punchy Green Normal Dash dashes to a random target and punches them 6 times. 144 and up
Rapid Guard Blue Defensive Dash uses his lightning fast speed to intercept a projectile that is about to hit an ally.

Dash ignores a portion of the damage from every projectile he intercepts.

288 and up
Confidence Boost Purple Offensive Dash gains 35 energy every time he damages an enemy.

The effect is reduced against enemies below the skill's level.

Lower than 40 and up.

Friendships Edit

Dash has two friends that unlock Memory Disks: Violet and Finnick.

Violet: By default, this disk increases Skill power by +88 and deals +50% more damage to shielded enemies.

Finnick: By default, this disk increases Skill power by +88 and removes 2 energy from an enemy when damaging them.

Friends Edit

Icon Friendship Heroes Level Friend Campaign Difficulty Memory Disk Disk Effect
Dash & Violet Violet Level ?? Sibling Scramble Easy Homeward Bound More damage to shielded enemies
Dash & Finnick Finnick Level ?? The Fast and the Furriest Easy Stray Stereo Drains Energy
Vanellope & Dash Vanellope Level 31 Prank Spree Easy Pulled A Fast One Boosts damage vs. Slowed Enemies
& Dash Mr. Incredible Level ?? Boys' Night Medium Training Montage Gets Stronger
& Dash Wall-E Level ?? Robot Romance Medium Rusty Sidekick Longer Disables



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