Creeps are evil creatures which are physical manifestations of the computer virus that invaded the City. They come in many different varieties, each with different abilities, and can be found practically anywhere in the game as they are more common than the Corrupted Heroes that also appear frequently as enemies. Certain types of Creeps come in different colors to indicate how they behave in battle.

Color Abillity Creep
Blue Does Normal Damage Ninja, Mage, Blob, Ghoul, Bug, Hoverbot, Mecharaptor, Purrickly Pear
Purple Does Fantastic Damage
Orange Stuns Tank Heroes Hunter
Red Stuns Damage Heroes
Green Stuns Support Heroes
Yellow Stuns Control Heroes

List of Creeps Edit

Icon Name Description Extra Notes
Ninja Ninja creep that does damage with its sword. Boosts team‘s damage until defeated
Mage Mage creep that specializes in ranged attacks. Heals team until defeated.
Brute Brute creep that does Normal damage with its cricket bat. Immune to Normal damage
Cannon Cannon creep that does Normal ranged damage.
Robot Robot turret creep that does damage with its laser. Attacks all Heroes at the same time.
Blob Blob creep that does splash damage.
Skeleton Bony creep that does Fantastic damage with a sword. Immune to Fantastic damage.
Ghoul Clawed creep that does heavy damage. Becomes immune to all damage for a period of time.
Bug Bug creep that does splash damage Deals True damage, which ignores Armor or Reality.
Thief A sneaky creep that leaps forward and stuns her enemies. Also has high tenacity and can heal herself.
Hoverbot A fragile bot that charges up to deal massive damage from the back line.
Hunter Creep spider that does damage and traps (class) heroes in a sticky web. Only uses melee attacks if none of the Heroes on your team match the role that the Hunter is targeting.
Automatic Turret Turret creep that comes in group of three and does Normal damage with ranged attacks. Studies the closest enemy.
Chomp Chest A creep that can withdraw to take reduced damage and deals big Normal damage afterwards.
Mecharaptor A robot dinosaur creep that does heavy damage. Explodes when KO'd, dealing damage in an area.
Rapscallion A stinky creep that blinds and does Fantastic damage over time to enemies when hit.
Purrickly Pear A spiky creep that does damage to all enemies when hit. Also damages other Creeps when reflecting damage from Heroes.
Coldsnapper An icy Creep that freezes enemies when attacking and when KO’d, dealing Fantastic Damage.
DOT Goblin This persistent creep does Fantastic Damage over time to enemy units. Its attacks also slow movement and attack speed, and can't be dodged.
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