Cheshire Cat is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. He's from the Disney movie Alice in Wonderland. To unlock this character, you need 10 Cheshire Cat Chips.

Description Edit

Cheshire Cat appears on the battlefield, almost as gleefully as he disappears again. He enjoys playing head games with enemies, laughing as he stuns them.

Skills Edit

Icon Name Rarity Damage Type Description
Head Stand
Head Stand White Fantastic Damage The Cheshire Cat teleports into the middle of enemies and rolls around on his head, dealing damage to and Sapping nearby enemies.
Head Toss
Head Toss Green Fantastic Damage The Cheshire Cat throws his head at the enemy with the least HP, dealing damage and Stunning them.
A Good Laugh
A Good Laugh Blue N/A The Cheshire Cat laughs, healing himself and gaining energy.
Not All There
Not All There Purple N/A The Cheshire Cat will prefer to target Invisible enemies with his basic attack and "Head Toss". His basic attacks deal bonus damage to Invisible enemies and "Head Toss" stuns Invisible enemies for longer.
Mischievous Grin
Mischievous Grin Red N/A Every few seconds, when an enemy damages the Cheshire Cat, they are Sapped. When the Cheshire Cat uses "A Good Laugh", his attack speed is increased.

Additional Stat Boosts:

  • More Skill Power
  • More Basic Damage
  • More Armor
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