Sunrise Line is the first part of The City you encounter in Disney Heroes. It is located on South East of the Downtown (Number 7 in City Watch) and followed by Chapter 2: Fishing Line.

In Elite Campains, Dash is the main hero to find, along with Vanellope, Frozone and Yax

Story Summary Edit

Vanellope invites Ralph to the City to try the "Disney Heroes" game while on Beta thanks to the possesion of the Beta Key. After entering, the City was in chaos while Elastigirl approches. Soon they were ambushed by corrupted Mr. Incredible, and lose Vanellope in the process. Afterwards Ralph and Elastigirl retreat, they promise to return after reinforcements.

After finding Frozone to the team, they find out not only Mr. Incredible and Vanellope got infected but also their self clones and unfamiliar faces got into the mix of enemies, then the heroes found an infected Dash. Prompting for investigation, the heroes cornered him and as they do, a faint "signal" of Dash's mind appeared from his clone's mouth, revealing they need to go to the northern port at Oceanside.

Battles Edit

Main battles are bolded

Stage Name Description Enemies Loot
Origin Station Our heroes head back to the rooftops with fresh reinforcements. Mr Incredible SugarRush Hearty Breakfast
3rd Ave. Rooftops Our heroes try to keep up with Elastigirl as she runs across the rooftops.
10th Ave. Rooftops Elastigirl stops to let everyone catch their breath, only to be ambushed!
Garden Ave. Rooftops Our heroes take a break to figure out their next steps. Mr Incredible Vanellope SugarRush BadgeOfFriendship
Near Center Station Elastigirl suddenly finds herself face to face with an eerily familiar foe.
Atlantis Ave. Rooftops The team trade theories about the creppy version of Elastigirl.
Market Square Rooftop Elastigirl renews her search, determined to figure out what is happening. Brute Dash SugarRush ABitOfPrestidigitation
Ceiling Street Station Even though she knows that Dash will come back, Elastigirl can’t believe she had to fight him.
6th Ave. Rooftops Frozone and Ralph exchange theories about what’s wrong with their friends.
8th Ave. Rooftops The team keeps an eye out for more familiar faces. Blue Mage Chief Bogo Vanellope SugarRush SunnySide
Madison Ave. Rooftops Ralph looks out at the City. The glowing eyes of enemies are all around.
Emerald Ave. Rooftops The City stretches as far as the eye can see.
3rd Ave. Rooftops Frozone scouts ahead, but comes back with a horde of enemies on his tail. Chief Bogo Dash AceOfSpades CleverFox
Near Market Street The horde continues to pursue the team as they run across the rooftops.
Duckburg St. Rooftops The team chases a corrupted Dash to a dead end.
Mouseton Station Elastigill chases Dash as he tries to escape. Mr Incredible Chief Bogo Judy Hopps Yax
12 Ave. Rooftops The enemy swarms our heroes as they pursue Dash.
Sinclair St. Rooftops The rooftops are too far apart to jump. Elastigirl stretches into a bridge.
Baker Street Station Dash is cornered! Elastigirl, determined to find out what’s going on, approaches. Chief Bogo Judy Hopps Dash SugarRush DullSword

EXP Edit

Hero 1 2 3 4 5
1 60 30 20 15 12
2 67 33 22 16 13
3 73 36 24 18 14
4 80 40 26 20 16
5 86 43 28 21 17
6 93 46 31 23 18
7 100 50 33 25 20

Dialogs Edit

Opening Edit

(Ralph and Vanellope are standing on an entrance with a sign above that says "Disney Heroes". Inside the entrance, there is a picture of the Black Pearl on the left and the Palace of Agrabbah on the right)

Ralph: I can’t believe you talked to me into this.

Vanellope: Aww, come on, Ralph! How often do we get to try a game in BETA?

(Vanellope takes out the Beta Key)

Vanellope: We gotta use this key!

(The sign falls off in one side)

Ralph: Uh… I dunno, kid. Looks like there's somethin‘ seriously wrong. I’ve never seen an entrance like this before.

Vanellope: Fortune favors the bold, Stinkbrain! You can follow me or get left behind.

Ralph: All right, fine. But don’t say I didn’t warned you… because I AM warning you.

Tutorial Edit

(As soon as the duo enter the game, their appearances change. Ralph's hair gets messy with static and his biceps grow, ripping the sleeves of his shirt, while Vanellope gets a pair of protection glasses and her main weapon, the Soda Soaker)

Vanellope: Wowee! Look at this soda soaker, Ralph!

Ralph: Aw, man! This is my only shirt…

Vanellope: Are you kidding?! You look amazing!!

(Vanellope and Ralph looks out their surroundings. The city's buildings are glitching in and out)

Ralph: Whoa, This doesn’t look good.

Vanellope: What’s wrong with this place?

Elastigirl: You!!! Where is my family? What have you done with them?!

Ralph: Why do people always assume I’m the bad guy?

(Suddendly, a corrupted Mr. Incredible appears alongside some Creeps)

Elastgirl: Bob! Thank goodness you're safe! I was so worried about !

Mr. Incredible: Grrr...

Elastgirl: Wait...Bob, is that you?

Vanellope: He doesn't look so good...

Elastgirl: Bob, if it's really you, please snap out of it!

(The heroes and the Creeps start fighting. Suddendly Ralph's energy is full)

Ralph: I'm gonna wreck him!

(Ralph slams Mr. Incredible and the Creeps with a ground punch, Vanellope's energy also fills)

Vanellope: It's Lollipop Slam time!

(Vanellope teleports with her glitch and beat the enemies with a lollipop hammer. It knocks out all enemies except Mr. Incredible. Elastgirl's energy fills as well)

Elastgirl: Honey, I don't want to hurt you, but I will STOP YOU if I have to!

(Elastgirl stretches her fist on the air, and lands a punch on Mr. Incredible, knocking him out)

Ralph: Okay, you gotta tell us, lady - what is going on?

Elastgirl: I'm not sure, but we have to do something! My family's missing, villains are everywhere, and Bob...

(Suddendly the screen blacks out)

Ralph: Hey, who turned out the lights?

Elastgirl: I have a bad feeling about this...

(The screen is back on. Not only Mr. Incredible has returned with more creeps, but Vanellope is on their side, corrupted as well!)

Ralph: Kid! What's happened to you?

Vanellope: Attack! Attack!

(Ralph and Elastgirl try to fight off the Creeps, but are severly damaged, until they are one HP away from defeat)

Elastgirl: We have to regroup! Run!

(The duo retreats before they get knocked out)

Meeting Frozone Edit

Ralph: Okay, lady, you'd better explain what's goin' on right now, because this game is no longer fun!

Elastgirl: This is some kind of GAME to you?

Ralph: Yes! Of course it's - Ugh! I don't have time to explain everything. My friend's in trouble!

Elastgirl: My family is out there too!

Ralph: You're right! So, what do we do?

Elastgirl: We regroup and survey the area!

(Ralph and Elastgirl find a Diamond Crate which contains Frozone inside)

Elastgirl: Frozone! Am I glad to see you.

Frozone: Elastgirl! Can you explain what in the greater good is going on here?

Elastgirl: I was hoping that you'd be able to tell us, actually.

(The trio find a Gold Crate which contains an "Ace of Spades" badge inside)

Ralph: Is it a medal?

(Frozone equips the badge)

Elastgirl: Now that we have proper reinforcements, let's scout the area.

(The Heroes head to Sunrise Line)

Trivia Edit

  • In the Japanese version, players will find Buzz Lightyear instead of Frozone in their first Diamon Crate opening during the tutorial.
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