Creeps are a form of virus that invade Internet City and the most common enemies found in anywhere. Some also take form of Heroes that was corrupted upon entering. Some creeps are color-coded to determined their attacks (Blue=Normal) (Purple=Fantastic)

List of Creeps Edit

Icon Name Description Passive
Ninja Ninja creep that does damage with its sword. Boost team‘s damage until defeated
Mage Mage creep that Specializes in Ranged attacks. Heals team until defeated.
Brute Brute creep that does Normal damage'with its cricket bat. Immune to Normal damage
Cannon Cannon creep that does Heavy ranged damage.
Robot Robot turret creep that does damage with its laser. Attacks all enemies.
Blob Blob creep that does Splash damage.
Skeleton Bony creep that does Fantastic damage 'with a sword. Immune to Fantastic damage.
Ghoul Clawed creep that does Heavy damage. Immune to all damage

for a period of time.

Bug Bug creep that does Splash damage but ignores Defences
Thief A sneaky creep that leaps forward and stuns. Special creep on Heist campain.

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