In Disney Heroes, you can explore The City in 3 different campaign modes: normal, elite and friends.

Normal Campaign Edit

The normal campaign is your main progression. Here you'll follow the game's story while earning Badges to promote your Heroes. Three-star campaign levels to enable raiding. Raiding allows you to earn badges quickly.

For more infomation, see Chapters

Elite Campaign Edit

The elite campaign is where you can earn precious Hero Chips to evolve your heroes. Each campaign chapter usually features one hero. Make sure to focus your efforts on those heroes first! The elite campaign is definitely harder than normal. And you have to complete the normal levels first before you can fight in elite.

Friend Campaign Edit

The friends feature unlocks at Team Level 25. After that, you can unlock specific hero friendships at different team levels. Progress a friendship to level 3 to unlock the friend campaign.Finish a friend campaign completely to unlock a memory disk: a special item that can be equipped and upgraded by one of the friend heroes. Each disk is both a memento of the heroes' friendship, and a powerful way to enhance their abilities!