Calhoun is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. She is from the Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph, being one of the four lead characters in the film. To unlock this character, you need 10 Calhoun Chips.

Description Edit

A natural leader with a haunted past, Sergeant Calhoun takes charge on the battlefield with her massive laser gun.

In-game Edit

Being one of the heroes with the most damage output, Calhoun will be a strong addition to every team. With two great Friend disks, Calhoun will either be able to provide the team with a great HP shield at the start of the wave, or she will be able to increase her damage output and energy gain. She pairs especially up with Violet, as they can provide shield for their team throughout the match, and also other low HP heroes who would have benefit of the extra shield at the start of each wave. She also pairs up well with heroes who have the ability to group the enemy team by knocking the frontline backwards, such as Rex, Finnick, Mr. Incredible, Tia Dalma, etc.

Abilities Edit

Her abilities are pretty basic, with only skills that does damage.

Laser blast:

Calhoun deals some damage to all enemies.

Dynamite Gal:

Calhoun fires a grenade at the enemy backline dealing some damage to each enemy hit (This is why knockback heroes would pair up well with her).


Calhoun throws a Cy-Bug, dealing good damage over 3 seconds.

Sweet Revenge:

When an ally dies, Calhoun gains good basic damage until the end of the wave.

Friend Disks Edit

Calhoun has two friends: Violet and Felix.

Violet: By default, this disk grants shields to allies at start of each wave, lasting for 15 seconds.

Felix: By default, this disk grants extra basic damage to Calhoun, as well as 12% energy gain.


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