Buzz Lightyear is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. He is from the Disney Pixar movies Toy Story, being one of the lead characters, and also the main character in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. To unlock this character, you need 80 Buzz Lightyear Chips. If he wins he will pull out his muscles and a aura appears around him, if he’s ko’d he will fall Down and say “no”.

Description Edit

Buzz Lightyear is a heroic space ranger with real laser action and, falling with style. He controls enemies on the field with his anti-gravity bubbles.

In-Game Edit

Despite being a Damage Hero, Buzz's skills are good for crowd control. His White skill simply damages all enemies, but his Green skill lets him generate an anti-gravity bubble that stuns an enemy. Buzz's Blue skill acts as an upgrade to his Green skill, making it so that the anti-gravity bubble also damages and knocks back the affected enemy. His Purple skill upgrades his basic attack, making it so that every third basic attack pierces through multiple enemies instead of just hitting one. Buzz's Damage aspects can be further augmented by the World's Greatest Minion Memory Disk obtained from Zurg; it increases Buzz's attack speed every time he uses his Purple skill, though this can only happen a maximum of three times per battle. On the other hand, the Grid Energy Memory Disk received from Kevin Flynn makes Buzz into more of a Support unit, interestingly enough; with it equipped, Buzz's Green skill shields allies instead of stunning enemies if there are any allies on Buzz's team with less than 50% of their health.

Buzz's optimal teammates would be Support Heroes, such as Woody and Judy Hopps, which boost their allies' attack and attack speed.

Skills Edit

Laser Action:

Buzz flies and deals great damage to all enemies.

Anti-Gravity Cage:

Buzz stuns an enemy for 7 seconds.

Pulsar Push:

Buzz knocks back and deals good damage to an enemy.

Power Up:

Every 3rd basic attack will pierce through his target and hit enemies behind the first target. This deals a bit more damage than the basic damage.

Red Skill Coming Soon!

Friend Disks Edit

Buzz has two friends: Zurg and Kevin Flynn.

Zurg: By default, this disk increases Buzz's basic damage and max HP. It also increases his attack speed by 30% every time he uses his "Power Up" - maximum 3 times.

Kevin Flynn: By default, this disk increases Buzz's skill power. It also makes his "Anti-Gravity Cage" to shield an ally if below 50%, and also makes sure that this ability has a 10% shorter cooldown.


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