Bully for You is Ralph and Vanellope Friendship Campain.

You can get the Memory Disk “Piece of Cake”

Story Edit

Opening Edit

Vanellope offers Ralph the chance to do some training in the subway stations.

Episode 1 “Creep Clearance” Edit

Vanellope noticed an ad for Sugar Rush along the way.

Episode 2 “Sugar Rushing” Edit

Ralph was busy defeating the creeps.

Episode 3 “Subway Showdown” Edit

Vanellope gets worried that the creeps are talking bad about her glitch.

Episode 4 “Beta than Ever” Edit

Ralph is enraged that Vanellope was called “Beta Asset”

Episode 5 “Sticky Situation” Edit

Vanellope and Ralph teach the creeps a lesson- never mess with their friendship!

Episode 6 “Taunt Fest” Edit

Vanellope and Ralph talk trash to the creeps.

Episode 7 “Break the Cycle” Edit

Vanellope hesitates to whack the creeps.

Episode 8 “Crisis of Confidence” Edit

Ralph and Vanellope make a pact to save the City from the virus.

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