Belle is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode.  She is from Beauty and the Beast. You need 10 Belle chips to unlock her.

Description Edit

When Belle isn't wielding her mighty stick to strike at her enemies, she's got her nose in one of her favorite books. Edit

Friends Edit

  • Belle and Miguel
  • Belle and Quorra

Skills Edit

Icon Name Rarity Skill


Chop Down White Belle can carry a book or a stick. Her held item modifies what her skills do. Belle begins combat carrying a book.

Passive (Book only): Belle reads instead of attacking, gaining energy per page read.

Active: Belle switch's between carrying a book of defending herself with a stick, or vice versa. If carrying a stick, Belle also calls in her father's wood-chopping machine to charge though enemies, dealing damage. If reading a book, Belle also grants her allies stacks of hardy.

No Distractions Green (Book only): Belle can dodge one attack every few seconds. When she dodges, she also gains a shield and energy.

(Stick only): Belle gains basic damage. Belle gains a percent of this basic damage for the rest of the wave each time she uses "Chop Down".

A Bit Alarming Blue (Book only): Belle gains skill power. Belle gains a percent of this skill power for the rest of the wave each time she uses "Chop Down".

(Stick only): Belle takes on the closest enemy, dealing damage, sapping them, and knocking them back.

Favorite Part Purple Belle's attack speed is increased per active stack of hardy on herself or allies to up to a max.
Belle-skill5 (1)
Looking For Adventure Red Belle gives stacks of hardy to the ally with the least HP every few basic attacks. When allies have a minimum stack of hardy, their attack speed is increased.
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