Alice is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. She is the main protagonist from the Disney Movie Alice in Wonderland. Alice can be unlocked by collecting 30 Alice Chips.

Description Edit

Alice grows to enormous size to wreak havoc on the enemy line.

Skills Edit

Icon Name Rarity Skill Type Description
Eat me
Eat Me White Support Alice eats a cookie, healing her and making her become “Enormous”.
Flood of tears
Flood of Tears Green Support

Basic Damage

Alice cries, slowing all enemies’ attack speed.

While “Enormous”, her giant tear drops instead fall on enemies, dealing damage.

Tantrum Blue Support

Basic Damage

Alice stomps her foot in frustration, increasing all allies’ attack speed.

While “Enormous”, Alice instead stomps on enemies, knocking them back and dealing damage to each enemy hit.

Giant boost
Giant Boost Purple Support Alice’s Max HP increases while she is “Enormous”.

Friends Edit

Alice has two friends: Quorra and Miguel Rivera

Friendships Edit

Icon Friendship Hero Level Friend Campaign Missions Memory Disk Disk Effects
Quorra 107 Down the Rabbit Hole A) Rapid Growth Royal Flush Allies receive 5.0% of Alice's Max HP as a shield that lasts 6 seconds the first time she becomes "Enormous."
Miguel Rivera 106
Mad Hatter 107 Golfer's Green
Queen of Hearts 108

Trivia Edit

  • Strangely, when Alice turns enourmous, her crying sound clip gets much lower pitched, giving her a deep, masculine voice. This was never the case in her home movie.
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